Finland is the most successful motorsport country in the world - and we want to keep it that way.

Finland has been the most successful motorsport country ever since 1960's original "Flying Finn" -drivers first sat behind the wheel. AKK's athletes have achieved 4 World Champion titles in Formula 1 and 13 Rally World Champion titles. 

Flying Finn is a path. It's an opportunity for an amazing hobby, where one can develop themselves, compete, grow and even rise to the top if they have what it takes. Through AKK's trainer program, dozens of talents have climbed the ladders of trials and tribulations all the way to international success.

Finland is a motorsport nation. We want to be there to make the improvement of new drivers possible and support them on their way to the top of the world, all the while offering an opportunity for the many thrills and chills to the youngsters who are interested in the sport.

More information about AKK's Flying Finn here.